Education Checks

Education background checks are a service offered by SEMAFACTS Services Limited, the first East African company based in Kenya that specializes in background screening. This type of background check involves verifying the educational qualifications and credentials of job candidates. It helps employers ensure that they are hiring the best-qualified individuals for the job and that the candidates have the necessary educational qualifications for the role.

At SEMAFACTS Services Limited, we understand the importance of education background checks in the hiring process. That’s why we offer comprehensive employee screening services to help our clients verify the credentials of job candidates and make informed hiring decisions. In addition to education background checks, we also offer KYC (know your customer) and company due diligence services to help our clients assess the risk and reputation of individuals and organizations.

The importance of education background checks cannot be overstated. They can help improve job performance by ensuring that a company is hiring individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications. They can also help ensure legal compliance and prevent fraud by verifying that a candidate has the required educational qualifications for the role.

By using SEMAFACTS Services Limited for your education background check needs, you can trust that you are working with a professional and reliable company that is dedicated to providing high-quality background screening services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your employee screening and due diligence needs



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