Pre-employment Background Checks

Identity Verification

The initial stage of our screening process to confirm the true identity of a candidate. This involves scrutinizing various documents and information provided by the individual to ensure accuracy and authenticity, such as government-issued IDs, passports, social security numbers, and personal details.

Academic Qualification

Conducting thorough education background checks and verification for qualifications, including PHDs, Masters degrees, diplomas, certificates, and even KCSE certificates. Leave the burden to us as we ensure that the credentials provided by employees or candidates are legitimate and accurate.

Professional Qualification

Confirming the authenticity and validity of professional credentials, certifications, licenses, or degrees through thorough examination and cross-referencing with relevant accrediting bodies, educational institutions, or licensing authorities.

Employment History Verification

Contacting current and previous employers to verify crucial details such as dates of employment, positions held, reasons for leaving, duties, roles, responsibilities, eligibility for re-hire, and conduct gap analysis streamlining pre-employment screening and ensuring accurate and reliable background checks.

Referees Reference Checks

Reaching out to referees enables us to get valuable insights into the candidate's or service provider's performance, character, abilities, skills, work ethics, and interpersonal skills. These references are former employers, supervisors, colleagues, or other professional contacts who can provide relevant information.

Credit Check

This check is tailored for candidates seeking financial positions, providing a detailed analysis of their financial status, creditworthiness, credit score and repayment status.

Criminal check

We obtain comprehensive reports regarding any past criminal convictions, arrests, or legal issues of an individual enabling businesses to avoid associations with individuals convicted of theft, fraud, or other dishonest behaviors

Global watchlist Search

We collect data from different sources, government databases, law enforcement records, financial institutions, and international repositories, to identify individuals or companies flagged for potential risks like criminal activity, sanctions breaches, terrorism involvement, being on most wanted lists, money laundering, and drug trafficking. aimed at detecting and addressing diverse forms of illicit behavior on a global scale.

Social Media Search

Gathering information about an individual by checking out their activity on various social media platforms and looking out for adverse information.

Driving License Verification

Confirm the validity and details of an individual's driving license. This type of verification is important for employers, especially those in industries where employees are required to drive as part of their job responsibilities.

Payslip Verification

Confirm the authenticity and accuracy of an individual's payslip. This process is commonly employed by employers, financial institutions, and other organizations to verify a person’s employment status, salary, and overall financial stability. It is especially important during job applications, loan approvals, and other financial transactions where proof of income is required.

Moonlighting Check

Check whether an employee is engaged in a secondary job or business activity that could potentially conflict with their primary employment. This check helps to ensure that their employees are not working for competitors, violating non-compete agreements, or engaging in activities that could affect their performance, availability, or loyalty to the primary job.

Address Verification

Address verification is commonly used by employers, financial institutions, government agencies, and service providers to confirm that an individual resides at a particular address.